About Me

"Andean Sam" is a creative imagery website telling everyday people's stories in a fashionable way.

Since I’ve gotten into University, I have met many unique individuals; lives with interesting stories behind them. It’s fascinating really, learning how they’ve reached their current point in life. I’ve become so obsessed with the idea of getting to know each one of them and their stories, from childhood to their present selves. I am also passionate about creative imagery, fashion style visuals to be exact. Creating the most beautiful images, pleasant to the human eye is what I set out to do. One of the ways I do this is by creating as much contrast as possible from make-up to lighting. The images I create mirror my own life, a representation of who I am which can be seen through the models I work with.

I have a habit of observing people and the only way for me to get close is by having a photoshoot with them. Naturally, the models open up during the session and instead of it being an interrogation, it becomes a heart to heart conversation with a close friend.

 My Goal 

“Andean Sam” is known as my English name, it’s also the name of my magazine title. I think the name is unique in a way just like the stories of each of my models. “Andean Sam” will be published in a style unique to me and I hope everyone could see the content from my point of view. Essentially, I’ll be taking pictures of normal people in the most fashionable way possible to bring out their characters.

 Yours truly