The Humanitarian | Hidayah

Nur Hidayah Zainudin is an active human activist who loves to partake in humanitarian causes as well as youth social events. She, who had caught my attention with her facebook posts which mainly consist of photos from many interesting events she had participated

Describe about your recent activities or events that you went.
The latest event that I took part in is the National Aspiration and Leadership Summit, which has just occurred recently. Due to overwhelming request of participants, the organizing committee changed the entitlement of this symposium to be a Summit. In this year's event, we were listening to speech from speakers of various backgrounds, covering issues regarding economy, entrepreneurship, leadership, humanity and politics.

do you think it is worth to at least attend an event that is, let say not your interest?
Yes, I think it's totally worth it because I will take this opportunity as a new challenge for myself. I always hold this principle in my life: to be positive no matter what life throws at me.

I see alot of sport events in your events list, why do you participate in this kind of event? and what is your thought on sports?
My thoughts about sport.. Hmm.. I'm not really into sports in the first place. The main reason why I join a lot of running event is to get fit and consequently be healthier. I self-experimented and believe me, the more active our body is, the more it can endure with anything. And now I have a good stamina and are getting healthier, and happier.

How can you make the world better?
Be kind to the people around you. You will never feel better about yourself as a result of demeaning, bullying, or dragging others down. This is corrosive to our own self-esteem and our souls. Seek to uplift others and by so doing you will be lifted. Remember, be kind. Always.

Humanitarian events that you've attended is quite interesting, do you believe in second chances? feeding the homeless would atleast shed a light on humanity? or what is your stand regarding this matter?
 I do believe in second chance. Every human is born in the fitrah of kindness. I joined this program because I wanted to see the actual life, the reality in our country. Not all of us live a wealthy life. Seriously we should be grateful with what we have, instead of begging, start making changes to ourselves.

My most unforgettable moment during feeding the homeless is, having a conversation with an uncle who addressed himself as "Mantaraniza" (not his real name since he forgot his name due to some bad history of his life). He used to be so rich, owning a consultancy oil company. He used to be in the same table with Tun Mahathir and some other political people (which i don’t remember their names). He was rich, had a perfect life. He owned everything. But what makes him to be what he is now is, he was backstabbed by his friend, went bankrupt and sick. But he reminded us to have a clear vision in life in setting our goals.

We must be determined and devote our lives to the career that we love. We are the ones who control ourselves, we are what we are thinking now. Think out of the box. That's what he said to me. I can say that, there's hope. There's light and we must become the light. If we don't help others, what is the purpose of living? The true having is giving. The more we give the more we get back.

Nur Hidayah Zainudin photographed by Grains & Pixels. Follow Hidayah on her social media accounts; Twitter: @Chimot_95