“People don’t choose me, I choose people”

Story & Photographed by Andean Sam Assistant Jafnie Firdaus
Written by Ariff Fadhullah Wardrobe by C02

Generation Z. A demographic of sophisticated yet particularly educated youths who are credited for their affinity with modern day technology since it plays a huge role in their social lives through the use of social media. With the power to reach out through to the entire world their fingertips, just who wouldn’t find it hard to resist the temptation of seeking recognition for themselves?

Enter Fadzir, also known as “ajey”, an entity who would fill a square or two in your Instagram feed. He is simply a 19-year old boy hailing from the state of Terengganu but has all the characteristics envied by the youths of this generation.

Blessed with a picturesque appearance and lovable attitude, he has succeeded in capturing the hearts of many; a situation that is reflected as his follower count on Instagram had broken the 60,000 mark. However Fadzir never expected to strike gold from simply posting selfies on his account; something he only did for fun to begin with. “I started posting stuff on Instagram when I was 16 years old, I thought it’d be fun to post a variety of self-portraits on my account, but never thought it’d be liked by thousands of social media surfers.”

We did a photoshoot in Pahang, a state complimented with plentiful views of lush greenery. I believed that this was the kind of environment that might help Fadzir ease up and open up a little regarding his current situation and he just went with it.The 5’ 11’’ tall Fadzir covered boldly with uniquely designed garments by C02 for the day as it brings out the essence of feelings he has to offer to the world; “distinctive” and “nonpareil”.

Fadzir has a firm stand on relationships, be it friends or love. He prefers people who are able to take care of him. However hot-tempered, dirty and stingy people are a big no.

There are times when Fadzir finds this topic rather hazy in his thoughts. He recalls that he has fewer friends; a result due to certain consequences from his past where he was ostracized from his peers in school due to standing out more in his academics. But instead of challenging the flow, he decided to ignore them; establishing this as the new status quo while he befriended most of his female classmates as they were the ones who were academically equivalent to him.

“People don’t choose me, I choose people” he says, expressing the principle which he sticks to when it comes to friends to avoid further mishaps. Meanwhile in regards to his love life, he believes he’s too young to pursue a serious relationship but does admit he had fallen in love before.

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