THE DROPOUT | Ishkandar

“I don't want to be oblivious, I want people to acknowledge my existence, that is all”.

Story & Photographed by Andean Sam Assistant Zulaikha Ain

Ishkandar Zamiri is a barista in one of the most famous coffee chains in the world. He was an aspiring kid with lots of dreams, however life’s circumstances made it difficult for him to pursue them; a situation he describes as ‘unfortunate’. But the strong willed 22 year old refused to see this as a reason to stop living his life to the fullest, and he currently enjoys his job of making coffee for people through many walks of life. He opens up more during the shoot as he said he wants to be noticed, “I don’t want to be oblivious, I want people to acknowledge my existence, that is all”.

What is your one ultimate career you would want to achieve?

I used to dream of being a pilot, everyday was all about aircrafts, but my life changed its’ lane, now I’m looking forward to being an actor.

What are your biggest regrets in life?

 I hate my life after SPM because I did my worst for that exam. I was a little too stubborn then and all I know is that I didn’t pass the exam with flying colors. Now my life’s outlook seems pretty dim for anything bright since I have loans and problems. Meanwhile, I have friends furthering their studies as doctors and engineers, but here I am making coffee to earning money in exchange of a better life; and I am only 22. Yeah, you could say that I regret my decisions when I was in high school. I guess my hormones have been playing tricks on me. Also, I never finish what I started, which is very bitter for me because I hate being left behind.

What could we possibly find in your music playlist right now.

I hear a lot of Jeremih’s these days and my favorite is Planez. Other than that are A$ap Rocky and Bryson Tiller.

One thing you feel proud of, but no one knows. 

I was one of the top three MMA fighters in the region. I was very sure that time that I’d want to make it as my profession as a MMA fighter. But again, there was another turning point in my life. I got injured and it requires a lot of money for me to proceed with the surgeries. I am a fan of Dominick Cruz though. It’s sad that I have to let go another dream of mine but life goes on.

You would like to be reborn as?

I’d want to be myself, except a little taller. I don’t know, but I don’t think I can be anybody else, it doesn’t suit me and well, I know myself better than anyone else! BUT, if I really have to be reborn again, I would want to be Jason Statham because he’s a cool guy to me.

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