MILD | Syaffiq

“When chivalry is dead, good manners goes a long way in life”
Story & Photographed by Andean Sam Assistants Nasha, Farhana & Ariff

Syaffiq is a civil engineering student who currently resides in the state of Johor. He is the third born out of four siblings and was raised in a rather 'successful' family. He is the sort of person who is ‘in-the-middle’ when it comes to all sorts of things.

The 23 year old is a steadfast believer in the values he stands for, refusing to allow negativity to impact his life and at the same time he manages to get by with remarkable milestones; owing it to the "hard work beats talent" principle. Experiencing the world for what it is happens to be one of his favorite pastimes and for him, he finds that nothing beats chivalry and manners. “When chivalry is dead, good manners goes a long way in life” he quotes.

Syaffiq was more than often underestimated by acquaintances in the past. It was something that he became oblivious to over time, yet the dreadful feelings which accompany those memories are hard to forget.

"People around me used to lowball myself, especially when it comes to academics. I am not very good in that area, so I tend to ignore their disparagement. Sometimes they keep repeating the same acts to me over and over and ‘oh how I’d love to prove them wrong’ echoed through my mind as rage swelled up within me”.

And the time finally came when he proved all that belittled him wrong when he received an offer from a renowned university in the United Kingdom. But some things can be a little out of reach sometimes, so he chose to further his studies here.

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