A Person: 1

In the mid of the year 2014, it was at the time i finally venture into a new chapter of my life, university. The night before my departure into the mystery-filled adventure, it was rather quiet and breezy night, i can't recall if it was rainy outside or just plan-dry-breeze coming through from the beach at the back of my house. I was the only person in the house that kept going up and down the stairs, remember every bits that need to be done before the registration tomorrow, books, pencils? is it the forms? have i completed all of the forms needed, oh the clothes! or is it? these are the questions juggled in my, at the time 18-years old mind.
I have always been the clumsiest person in the family, i have the urge to recall things again and again, i can't help to gain the idea of making a mistake at my most important time of my life. not to add that my father, a very solid-strict and short-tempered person of the family would always make a fuss about anything simple, i wouldn't want that to happen tomorrow, so i did everything i could in the breezeful night to make sure there's not a single hinge of problems will occur tomorrow. I could still remember the exact feelings i had that night, a very trembling idea of everything, a mix of fear,happy,excited,thrill,sad and all of the feelings human could exceed.
    "Have you done preparing, son?" my mother ask shallowly as she walked past me noticing my puzzled-excited face.
    "Yes" i replied hurriedly, not making a long of a conversation that night as my mind is busy with what's going to happen tomorrow onwards, is it miserable? or is it a once in a lifetime experience? a only-uphill ride of life? i question myself as i was getting ready for bed. I lay in my rather boring and small bedroom, i set the alarm on my phone, i never forget to do this ritual everynight, and finally i rest my tired and sleepy head on a rather comfy, my favorite peas-in-a-pod shaped pillow. The night passes without making much of a tantrum, a quick paced night that transitioned into a blessful morning.
    I woke up without much of a hassle, as i still remain the feels and thoughts from yesterday with me to that very moment. i got ready and very much excited to wear my brand new and probably my first ever pair of formal outfits complete with a tie (which unfortunately is not brand new, it was my brother's but never to complain as i think that is what most families do). at pass 7 or 8 in the morning, all things are packed into the car bonet, i strap the shoe on my left foot and off i go to the car without thinking much. we started our journey on a jolly-quiet morning, the traffic is somehow not getting much nerve on my dad who is the driver. i sat at the back seat with my sister (who's really excited to send me off and decided to tag along). i didnt talk much that morning, neither my mother maybe a talk or two from my dad and tons of chatters from my sister who sat besides me. we stopped at a rest stop for a quick meal before we continued our journey.it was very plain to me, the route, the feel of it was exceptionally ordinary and unexciting as i thought it would be, was it because i'm nervous?, i asked myself. the trees that seem following the highway, they look rather still and static, lifeless. the journey took us about two and a half hours, two hours on normal traffic.
Once we've arrived at my hostel, i realized that the hostel and the campus are separated, which made me think twice in registring to this university. but i carry on anyway, registring stuff has always not my cup of tea, i hate everything about it, forms, questions, awkward stares here and there, it just sucks. after all done with registration, we went to see my room, i was plain looking at everything since our journey, and not surprisingly at this time too. The room is pretty antique, but i am being grateful anyway. the ceiling is high enough for the fan to hover just a feet away above my head. it's basically a rich-house cupboard, but fretting the miserable look of the room is not the thing that been filling my mind, it is the roommate being the main concern. At this time, he was absent from my sight, neither his family was there, but there were few bags on top of his desk. I imagine someone pious, prayers on punctual, advice-ful roommate, which by the way is my biggest fear as me myself was not that pious myself. i don't know, maybe the thought of being forced to do things i am not really feel like doing is disturbing. I keep on dwelling with my stuff, pile of clothes, toothbrush that looks like it has been dragged along asphalt as far as my longest journey. My mother, like any other mother would do, get busy too, cleaning up the past mess that was done by previous occupants, changing the bedsheets and get my place ready, and i am very thankful for that. After more than half full hour, my family decided to have some snacks before going back home, and we do so. My heart, shockingly didn't get too heavy seeing them drove off from my sight, feeling all grown up and brave i guess.
     My steps getting all curious as I was getting back to my room, hoping, this time, i can see and finally know how my roommate looks like, and bang, he was there. He looks like a person that aced every past examinations, with flying colors, the one that you got annoyed by their "absence" will of study but manage to excel with not much efforts. He had a small shock on his face as i crack open the door, the feel of face you made on first meetings. He didn't say the first words, so i did.
    "Hi!" I said, chanelling my positivity in that one word. hoping for a great and energetic reply.
    "Hello." He replied, making his small smirk-smile that looks like it was forced somehow. but i kept a positive view of it still, i sprung out my hand towards him, a hand shake.
    "My name's Asyraf, Asyraf Adam." I said as he answered back my hand with a very energetic first time hand shake. I smile brightly looking at him, very rare of me being this way and a little proudness shroud a little, deep in my heart.
    "Syafiq Fazly, Fiq for short." said him, direct and bold, sharp as ever.
    Us two continued to have small conversations that lead to longer ones, but as long as it could get, none of them seem to be making us a great match, meaning there's always mismatches in every answers we would juggle to each other. Soon, as we two finished preparing, we went for the kickstart meeting of one week freshman orientation. A week packed with torturing "forced-to-participate" activities.