OUTCAST | Syeikhul Hadith

"It's too troublesome to think over something that we weren't sure going to happen, why bother?"

Story and Photographed by Andean Sam Assistants Shahrul Abdullah & Khairul Hilmi

It was 12th of July, the weather of Kuala Lumpur wasn't too well, giving its swell feeling, the day was supposed to be filled with colorful feelings and plans but it turns into stormy and rainy instead. Syeikhul Hadith is a Kelantan born and raised student studying in the renowned city of Kuala Lumpur. He gives off the feeling of wariness from the first day of his stay in the university that caught my attention. Despite been enraptured in a very immature love binds in his amateurish day at the uni, he has come to a very sturdy level in life now focusing on his full time diploma study in Computer Science (IT).

Syeikhul is the kind of person that likes to "live in the moment", worrying thoughts of the future is never his favorite topic. "It's too troublesome to think over something that we weren't sure going to happen, why bother?" said him playfully.

The shoot took place in the central place of Chow Kit, we went for a stroll until we've reached this very rugged hotel place where its pavement is full of "abandoned" empty lunch boxes, drinks bottles and plastic bags, which i find very suiting to his past persona, not the dirty bit, but the kind of feeling the place has to offer, "rugged", "abandoned" and "messed up". Also Syeikhul is a very carefree young adult, prepping his life into places he said had made me thinking that he's a very wild young man that simply do not care but actually has lots of fear that needs his attentions to unravel the true part of him.

His perspective of human is rather interesting to me, it would be a waste to not share, it was stated something like this, "Human is a very complex creature, full of characters, good and evil, maybe a mix of both, like a painting, even monochrome is made up of several shades (colors) so, an art with full of colors are more mesmerizing and interesting, an interesting human is made up of many colors, human is an art themselves!" he stated.

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